Title :Moments with the Melody Queen
Guest :Smt. Nithyasree Mahadevan
The nightingale ‘Naada Kovida’ Nithyasree Mahadevan shares her thoughts on music for ‘Naadhabrahmam’....
The nightingale ‘Naada Kovida’ Nithyasree Mahadevan shares her thoughts on music for ‘Naadhabrahmam’. Some excerpts:


Music According to Nithyasree…


Music is a beautiful expression which transforms people to a different world of total bliss. Music, especially Carnatic music, is the medium in which both the performer and the listener’s minds are deeply engrossed in the ‘Naadham’ which soothes the mind and fills the heart. Carnatic music is a type of music that has "Bhakthi" as its prime ‘Bhavam’. Therefore, it is equivalent to having a ‘Darshan’ in a temple or a holy dip in the holy Ganges to wash away our sins. Music is capable of taking people to the world of divinity and ecstasy.


Nithyasree about Awards and Titles...


I think awards and titles are important. An award is recognition for the art, talent and passion; and I feel it is an added responsibility to do my best in future.


Nithyasree about Success of Concerts…


I strongly feel that a concert’s success ultimately is due to the result of the Grace of God. Of course, the pre-requisites are the main artist’s confidence and efficiency to present the needful in fullness. Secondly, the music needs to be packaged according to the composition of the audience. Thirdly it’s the mutual adaptation and co-ordination with the co-artists.


Nithyasree about Practice…


Actually I began to sing when I was about six years old. But I started my proper vocal classes when I was 9. I practiced for about six hours when I was in school, from 5--00 to 8-00 a.m. and 8-00 to 11-00 p.m. At times it would even extend till 2-00 in the early hours of morning. I should thank my mother Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar who inculcated the principles of practice and groomed me.
I have always been astonished by the amazing pillar of our family Smt.D.K.Pattammal who stands always as my inspiration to work more and more. I only wish to imbibe from my grandmother Smt.D.K.Pattammal not only her musical essence but also her purity, her dedication, her patience, her perseverance, her tolerance and her respect to the art. Commitment to singing is perhaps the key for Musical practice.

  Nithyasree about Composing Music…

Composing music or setting tunes is an art by itself. Many singers do compose according to the needs. Some rasikas do give song requests on stage or sometimes give lyrics to which I have sung tunes extempore. I have recently worked on a project on Srividya Upasana where I have tuned most of the compositions in major ragas, some in unfamiliar ragas and some in lighter ragas.


Nithyasree about Western Music…


Western music is more on the lighter side. On the contrary, Carnatic music is on the heavier side. If you have to enjoy Carnatic music you need to possess deep knowledge in that field. To put it more precisely, going for a Carnatic concert is like going to a temple and whereas going for a pop music is like going for a movie. The craze that exists towards western music is temporary. Interest in Carnatic music will never diminish.

  Nithyasree about her future Projects…

I am keen on working on projects that focuses on kritis of Mutthuswami Dikshithar’s and and Shyama Shastry. I equally enjoy working on both composer based projects and theme based projects.


Nithyasree about her teaching …


have not started teaching yet as I think I may not have the time to give the attention the students should get. I would love to devote time to teach in future.


Nithyasree’s Future plans…


I have never dreamt much about the future. I wish to work continuously and tirelessly on the projects and concerts in hand and sing to my satisfaction and for my dear rasikas.


Nithyasree at home:


I am well-knit and closely attached to my family. I am very homely person and I love to spend my leisure only with the family
I have not been much with my maternal grand-parents but I have a lot of memories to cherish of my paternal grand-parents Shri.Easwaran and Gana Saraswathi Smt. D.K.Pattamal. My relationship with my mother Smt.Lalitha is different as she is not only my guiding spirit but is also my revered teacher. My father Sri.Sivakumar not only criticizes analyses and encourages but also supports me on the mridangam in my concerts.
I should attribute a major portion of my success to Shri. Mahadevan who shares my life with understanding and ultimate care. My parents- in law are very loving and my two darling daughters Tejasri and Anujasri have filled my life with bliss and happiness in abundance.
as told to A.Bhavadhaarini

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