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Carnatic music has never been in the news as it is today. The age old saying
The Pen is mightier than the Sword"is a supreme relevance in those days of revolutions and democracies. There was a time when any speaking or writing about music was frowned upon as something profane. Fortune has still turned a full round and we have come to days when there is no music without some speech or literature around in some measure or other. In highly developed countries of Europe and U.S.A. there is one association or group activity about even the most trivial and Mundane routines.
It is difficult to believe but it is true that there are associations of "Baldies" who bring out periodic journals dwelling upon problems of bald-heads. There are also similar associations of fat and short people. Morning walkers association are also not so rare. We in India rather lag behind in this aspect but there should be some authentic written material available about Music, the only subject in which we are on top of the world. Like all branches of human civilization, the field of music too suffered from the short comings and hurdles caused by illiteracy and conservatism.
Times have since changed for the better and the literacy level in music community is high enough today to expect an enlightened patronage for this great art. Printed material has a lot to contribute in the mission of dissemination of knowledge. This was enough provocation for a group of like-minded and music-minded persons to venture into mission of bringing forth a journal of music. And thus was the launch of the "NAADHABRAHMAM" Music Journal in May 2002 with a commitment for promoting the cause of music through printed material. Encouragement from scholars, authors and men of wisdom made the editorial board go about with confidence. The contents of the journal have been widely appreciated.
Naadhabrahmam has survived all the teething trouble and has come to say "Thanks to the enlightened patrons" among industrialists and the benevolent contributors. This periodical is marching ahead and looks forward to grow in accelerated pace. Music lovers are requested to help Naadhabrahmam to serve the music community better.
Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshita" Our salutations to all good souls around.
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